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Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to:


  • Understand the need of women empowerment and development.
  • Identify the unique leadership challenges and opportunities facing women in society
  • Understand when and how gender plays a role in organizational/ personal advancement
  • Learn how successful women negotiate for what they need to be effective leaders
  • Gain new strategies for building and leading life goals (whether personal or work related)
  • Identify how organizations can provide women with opportunities to excel
  • Understand how gendered natures of organizations impact women
  • Recognizing the role of women in society and the National Policy and constitutional protection for women empowerment.
Course Duration: 1 year
Delivery Method

Virtual | Online Lectures

In-Person Lectures in Egypt at the AASTMT campus

In-house training (for companies and organisations

Admission requirements: Bachelor Degree

Diploma educational courses: $8,000

Diploma Registration fee: $50

Diploma Graduation Ceremony: $300 ( in AAST campus)

Note: 10% reduction is given for online diplomas
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