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Letter of motivation

A Letter of Motivation is a letter directly addressed to the admission committee/department faculty explaining your objectives, motivation, and goals related to the course.

The motivation letter allows to you be in direct contact with the professor/department, hence, you should always aim to highlight points that make you stand out of the crowd, especially for Ph.D. aspirants.

An academic motivational letter and a professional motivational letter are very different.

The academic one goes directly to the faculty/department as your proof of interest in joining their program and university. The professional one acts as a cover letter to your resume/CV describing why you are a good fit for the job. So do keep an eye out when you are searching for samples or formats!

Always remember the motivational letter is for your admission.

If you need any member of our team in this area, to help you look through your letter reach out to us. Am sure our feedback can help you in identifying your mistakes and gaps in content.

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