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What does Embracing Equity mean?

To embrace equity means to acknowledge there isn’t always a level playing field.

We have different backgrounds and experiences that must be taken into consideration when determining the unique resources and support each of us needs to succeed.

Also recognizing that more work is needed to create gender equity.

A key part of this is acknowledging the differences between equity and equality, fostering allyship, and leaning into programs, resources, and policies that support female associates and their professional development.

At #Strategic Women And Youth Institute, we are committed and intentional in our approach to attract, develop, and retain women and foster an inclusive culture for all.

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts include increasing female representation, instilling leadership accountability in building and growing diverse teams, and providing inclusive experiences for our associates and youths.

Embracing equity is layered.

To us @ SWYI, it means you understand that, in life, different groups have different starting points.

As a result, each group needs tailored and nuanced support that acknowledges that different starting point.

And the tailored and nuanced support will and should look different because there isn’t a “one size fits all.”

But more importantly, embracing equity means championing these nuanced solutions even if you are not the direct beneficiary.

Equity addresses the systemic and societal systems that create obstacles that make it more difficult for some to succeed.

At work, embracing equity is the path to an equal world. Diversity and inclusion will not work without guaranteeing fair treatment, access, and opportunity for all.

We need to do this collectively in the workplace and examine systems, processes, and norms that may prevent the full participation of everyone.

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